Area Serviced:Adirondacks, but willing to travel elsewhere.
To Activate:(518) 971-0000 #12726. Leave a call-back number.
Skills:Most members DEC Basic Wildland Search certified. 16 DEC Crew Bosses. Grid Searching and carry-outs. 7 NYS Licensed guides. Winter Capable. Two air scent K-9
Equipment: Search trailer, boats, 3 litters, BLS medical supplies, 4 Team owned GPS.s, 6 pairs of team owned snowshoes
Radios:10 HAM operators with hand-held and mobile radios. 6 (VHF) hand-held radios with DEC frequency. Large portable antenna for field communications. Team has FCC assigned frequency. Family Service Radios. Cell phones.
Medical:5 EMTs, 1 MD, 10 Wilderness First Aid trained personnel