2016 SARNAK Officers

From left:

Search Manager:  Frank Schmidt

Secretary:  Melody Blackmore

Training Officer:  Neilson Snye

Coordinator:  Justin Levine

Treasurer:  John Gagnon

The officers of SARNAK put in countless hours managing the team and ensuring that it is ready to be called no matter what time or what weather. All officers are voted for annually at the March business meeting.

The Coordinator is the team leader, and is responsible for overall performance of the team. The Training Officer puts together monthly training exercises to ensure that team members are proficient in the necessary skills to be effective searchers. The Search Manager keeps track of all team search activities and reports that information to the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue Teams. Secretary keeps meeting minutes, as well as managing team paperwork. Treasurer collects annual dues and oversees the team’s finances.